The Perfect What If

We will meet a lot of people.

In different places, instances.

By accident or on purpose.

We will get to talk to them.

Get introduced, get to know them a little bit better, exchange numbers.

If we’re lucky, we will get to spend time with them. Over coffee, for lunch, dinner, with a movie.

We will talk about work, business, common friends, interests.

How we click. 

If we’re lucky, it wouldn’t just be a one time thing. 

If we’re lucky, we get to laugh with them, understand them, treat them with care, consider them a friend. 

Months will turn into years, pictures will be taken, experiences will be shared.

If we’re lucky, we will mean something to them. And maybe, we might just fall in love with them. 

Platonically, romantically.

Either, Or… That would just be

Some kind of perfect


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