You know what the problem is…

I’m the one who has to wait

I’m the one who has no option but to wait for your move

I like you, i think I’m really starting to

And as much as I want tell you that I do like you

To make you feel that everyday

I can’t. 

Because i know I can’t

Because it has to come from you

It has to start with you

Thats the rule of attraction

You can establish a connection with anybody if you work on it

But in the end its the guy who has to decide whether or not he likes the girl or not

If he wants to pursue her or not

If he feels that he has already met his match 

If he realizes that you are the one for him.

Then no problem. A happy new beginning.

As much as I want to confess to you, one thing i keep thinking about is that… If I do, i just might lose you.


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