The thing about Flirting

Flirting is not for everyone.

After complaining that good men were hard to find nowadays, Amy was nice enough to introduce her good friend Jean to someone who was the ideal guy anyone would want to be with, long term.

A good dresser, a gentleman, a self-made man with manners; he was surprisingly appealing, even though he wasn’t Jean’s usual type.

Jean wanted to believe that most girls fell for the bad boy. The good ones usually came second. This guy was a good guy. Jean saw it right away.

After that seemingly enjoyable night, Amy told Jean that he found Jean pretty interesting. Pretty. Interesting. She told Jean that it was definitely a good sign. That maybe it could lead to something good.

But it didn’t. She said Jean had to make the first step. At some point, girls should take the first step. Amy said.

So Jean did.

Jean added him on Facebook. Liked some of his posts, even commented on one of his pictures. She added a smiling face. Comments looked better with an emoticon.

Nothing. He didn’t get her number.

Jean talked to Amy again. She said that Jean had to push some more. That in the modern age of dating, the girl was supposed to make an effort because nothing was more appealing than a girl who really showed interest in a man.

So Jean did.

Jean got his number. She texted him a few times. He answered back.

Nothing. All texts ended with a smiley face.

Amy said guys barely used the smiley face emoticon unless they really meant it. Jean needed a little more convincing.

Amy said to be visible.

So Jean did.

Jean went to parties with Amy. He was usually there. Jean gave her all and walked towards him and they talked for a bit. They talked about business, common friends and where they grew up.

Nothing. Their conversations always ended with a smile. Followed by a very awkward silence. Followed by, “Hey, want another drink?”

Amy said Jean should make herself appealing.

Jean posted pictures of herself. All made up. Enjoying life, smiling widely. Being foolish. She even posted quotes pushing the statement that she was single and looking for the perfect guy who would change her life. Every guy liked the hopeless romantic type… right?


But then he liked one of her posts. He tagged Jean in another. He ended a comment with a smiley face.

Ah, that stupid smiley face.

Jean jumped for joy. Small things like this needed to be noticed and appreciated.

But nothing. It ended with that.

A few months later, Jean found out that he got back with his ex.

Jean realized two things, one, some guys are just nice and two, that flirting was not an easy thing to do.

She guessed there was more to getting a guy you want to flirt with you back.

Maybe he had to actually WANT to flirt back.

Moral of the story: Flirting is a two way street.


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