If you’ve seen the trailer of the much-awaited movie sequel Pitch Perfect 2, then I suggest you replay it again and again because after watching the movie, I could seriously say that the trailer was better than the movie. Seriously.


There is always this pressure in making a movie’s sequel better than the first. Some movie franchises try its hardest to make sure that fans of the original would buy tickets to see the next chapter to their favorite movie. Not all sequels have been successful in raising the bar.

Sadly, Pitch Perfect 2 is one of them.

Plot wise, it was all over the place. There was too many sub stories waiting to be told but from the beginning of the movie until the end, all those stories were left half baked. Inside the cinema, audiences waited for that Pitch Perfect charm. They waited for that intense girl power energy they’ve seen in the original, the humor, the quick exchange of funny bashes from one group to another but after an hour and fifty-five minutes, the cinemas stayed silent wishing it could have been more intense.

The sequel wanted to talk about becoming mature. It wanted to teach its audiences the value of friendship, loyalty and passion for the art of group singing. Instead, it showed how people tend to be indecisive, selfish, and afraid of change. Worst, the movie didn’t really teach much as the first one. It was half baked. It felt like the movie was only made to be made and not to tell the next chapter of the Bellas. I felt bad for the characters because as much as they were individually interesting to watch, they were lost in movie

Although it did have a few fun moments (the bonfire scene, the underground show down, the final performance) but they were too short to be remembered. The songs used were not as catchy as the last one. Most of the songs left my friend and I clueless. Who sang that song?

Truth to be told, Pitch Perfect 2 not only lost its charm, but it lost its sense of direction. Seriously.


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