Too good to be true: Yvan Navy Burger

Every now and then I get this sudden craving for a burger.

Today was one of those days. Thankfully, a friend of mine introduced me to a burger joint just a walk away from where we were working. With two hours to spare, we visited Yvan Navy.

Don’t let the name fool you. This burger joint may not look much but once it opens its doors at 1 in the afternoon, people start lining up and orders start piling in.

Their menu is simple. Burgers, Pasta, Kebab and sides. Their prices will make your mouth drop because its affordable and budget friendly.

At 100 pesos, you can enjoy a half pounder  burger to your delight. Each burger is cooked on the spot. So expect a little waiting time. Patties are made fresh so its advisable to order bulk orders ahead of time. Cooked to perfection, their burgers are both juicy and tasteful at every bite. I even tried it with their chilli sauce, at it works well too.
Now imagine if you ordered the double quarter pounder for an additional 50 bucks? Dare to try? 

Definitely a burger place to visit again. Seriously.

Yvan Navy is located at Sct. Tobias corner Sct.  Fuentabella. They have other branches too. Open from 1pm to 1am.


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